La Spezia
Situated in the most interior part of the homonymous gulf, La Spezia is a modern town which owes its development to the construction of the Military Arsenal (1860-1865) planned by Domenico Chiodo. In spite of its rich archaeological testimonies, gathered in the Civic Museum, La Spezia has a mostly modern and nineteenth-century aspect, without any monuments or testimonies about its yet rich old times.
The "Paper of the Museums of La Spezia district" allows you to visit 6 museums. If you need further information please call the following thelephone n░ 0187-7421 ľ District of La Spezia.

Porto Venere
Porto Venere, is a characteristic village inhabithed by situated on the extreme western point of the gulf, with its fortrees-houses facing the sea, leaning the one against the others, the Genoese castle, and S. Peter's church perpendicularly the sea.
Together with the three little islands of Palmaria, Tino Tinetto and the "Cinque Terre", beginning from 1977, Portovenere is part of the World Heritage List includes all the site (690 all over the world) which from the world-wide patrimony of the humanity.

Cinque Terre
Riomaggiore, with its vertical develpoment, is situated on the eastern extremity of the "Cinque Terre". It's full of staircases and stairways rising among the houses, painted whit the typical color of Ligura. Which leans the one against the other.
In old time the village was surrounded by town-walls. They say that the present village was founded in the VIII century by a colony of fugitive Greek and it's sure that, in the late Middle Age it became a Genoese possession.

Situated on the oriental extremity of the "Golfo dei poeti", Lerici is one the most beautiful inlets of the Riviera Ligure.
The first impact is from the upper part: it's worth, before going down in the village, stopping in order to admire the amazing panorama and the powerful castle which can be seen along the road that leads from "Bellavista" to the "Serra".
Dating back to Medieval Age, this castle was ...


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